Blown Glass Sweet Dream Wish Bottle


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Handmade in Rhode Island, molten glass is blown and shaped by hand with delightful dollops of color to form a special heartfelt vessel. The Sweet Dream Wish Bottle is designed to hold notes with dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, or gratitude. Simply jot down your words, roll up the paper, and drop inside. Best of all, the notes can be retrieved for a warm recollection of memories or to simply reuse the bottle with new dreams! Ideas for using your Sweet Dream Bottle: – start your bucket list – document your dreams – keep a private time capsule of memories and milestones – write notes for a loved one – list travel destinations – record goals and aspirations – invite others to contribute notes as part of a special event (baby shower, wedding, etc).The bottle stands approximately 6″ tall and includes a small book with 101 sheets of paper.