Climbing Show Garden Rose 2

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For colorful waves of flowers from spring until frost! With the Climbing Show Garden Rose you can enjoy the spectacle of dozens, perhaps even hundreds of sensational roses on a single plant. You’ll find so many ways to take advantage of their overwhelming beauty — to cover a trellis or arbor, to soar up a pillar or post, to decorate a fence or add a welcome note to your entryway. Plant them anywhere you want to enhance the view with luxuriant green foliage covered with a mass display of glorious color.Never in our experience have we been so in love with a climbing rose as with this one! The 6-7′ Climbing Show Garden Roses are covered with the large 4-5” fully double flowers of rich glowing deep pink. Truly befitting its name, it blooms from late May right up to freezing. A Brownell Sub-Zero┬« rose, disease free, vigorous and hardy. The plant pictured was photographed 4 months after planting. It will make the same strong growing, free-blooming pillar-type climber for you the very first summer.


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