Copper Patina Decorative Clay Urn


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Clean form, contemporary color, and classic craftsmanship! Measuring approximately 12″ tall, The decorative urn begins life as a clay form, fired in an electric kiln, followed by applications of specially-crafted copper coatings. The individual vase is then buried in a primitive pit of sawdust that is ignited and allowed to burn for a period of hours. The smoldering fire results in alluring color variations in the copper that cannot be duplicated – each is truly one of a kind! The unique finish is sealed with clear acrylic. Made by hand in Tennessee. Product care: clean with a duster or soft lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with glass cleaner or water. Never use abrasive materials or chemical cleaners. Although the vase has a protective finish, it is considered decorative and should not be used to hold water.