Foxtail Fern, Gray Metal Pot


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“Don’t let appearances (or names!) fool you. This plant actually part of the asparagus family and is not technically a fern. While its foliage may be delicate and wispy, this plant is actually quite hardy and can thrive with its basic needs met. This particular variety is native to regions from Mozambique to South Africa but is widely cultivated all over the world. Arrives ready to display in a distressed gray pot.- Fern foxtail, potting soil, moss, plastic growers pot, metal pot- Place in bright indirect light or an eastern facing window- Let soil dry slightly between watering. Do not let go too dry- Ferns generally suffer from chlorinated water so dechlorinated whenever possible- Maintain high humidity and/or mist foliage frequently- Keep plant away from heating source in winter- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported12-19″”H, 8-14″”WOnline Exclusive”