Live Cedar + Black Tupelo Saplings, Set of 3


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“Ideal for holiday decorating or planting in the landscape, this trio of tiny, live tree saplings also makes a sweet winter gift. Each set includes an incense cedar, black tupelo, and deodor cedar. Growing Note: Suitable for planting Zones 5-8. Keep sapling soil moist and in a cool area. Plant outdoor when soil is not frozen in a sunny location with well-draining soil. Water frequently during saplings’ first year.-A terrain exclusive-Set of 3-Incense cedar, black tupelo, deodor cedar-Can be used for indoor decoration in water or as a potted houseplant. May also be planted outdoors-Water saplings upon arrival. Plant in ground immediately in a full-sun location. Dig approximately 5″” x 5″” hole and back fill with soil. Water after planting. Maintain increased watering schedule during warmer months of first few years. Fertilize in early spring-Indoor or outdoor use-USAEach: 5-14″”H, 2-3″” diameter”