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Pep-Start feeds two full years. No other fertilizer, that we know of, will provide continuous feeding for plants up to two years. Until recently this fantastic scientific breakthrough was available only to nurserymen. Works for us and now it can work for you.Pep-Start saves time and labor. Easy way to feed. Do not have to mix messy powders, no back-breaking digging or drilling of holes.Pep-Start Pills will not burn. Used to be that a powerful fertilizer, placed in the root zone, would burn the feeder roots next to it. We have actually dug up shrubs and trees a year after fertilization and found sensitive feeder roots growing tightly around and through the Pill.Pep-Start Pills save you money. Most economical method of feeding because the micro-encapsulated Pill won’t wash out of the soil. Saves money in labor because of fewer applications.Uses for the Pep-Start Pill. Excellent for shade and flowering trees, fruit and nut trees. Wonderful for roses, evergreens, shrubs. Good for small berry plants, grapes and bedding plants.Use on new plantings and established plants. Simply move out to the drip line (at the end of the branches) and punch holes six inches deep every 18” around the circumference. Drop a Pill in each hole.Estimated Rates3 Pills: Hybrid poplar or other shade, fruit or nut trees3 Pills: Rose bushes, evergreens, medium shrubs2 Pills: Small plants (grapes, bedding, berry plants)


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