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Most popular hedge in America! Drought resistant! In spring the foliage of the Redleaf Barberry is lustrous purple-red, becoming even more brilliant in summer, and in fall turning a striking orange-scarlet. During the winter months its bright red berries attract birds. Tiny reddish flowers are canary-yellow inside the petals in spring. This special strain was developed from hardy Japanese Barberry grown in the mountains of Japan. Plant five or more in several locations and notice how they’ll set to making a dense, impenetrable hedge of nice, even form and texture. The Redleaf Barberry will grow to five feet high, and can be trimmed to a compact 2-3′ height. Hardy, vigorous, grows anywhere. For hedge use, plant 1 1/2′ apart. Strong, 2 year transplants, 1-2′ tall. Deer resistant.


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