Terra Cotta Oil and Vinegar Serving Set: Multicolor


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Terra cotta pottery has been a favorite in the kitchen for 10,000 years. Today, our potters still build timeless functional works from the durable clay with a contemporary style. Made by hand in Oregon, each item is painted with multiple underglazes of rich color and provided with a durable lead-free glaze before being fired to 2000 degrees for a strong, permanent finish. The 3-piece set includes one oil cruet, one vinegar cruet, and a 4.5″ dipping dish. Cruet bottles include high quality spouts that do not drip or corrode. The multicolor motif is a lively mix of vibrant red, yellow, and green offset by a thick, black swirl and the natural red-russet color of the clay – the entertaining and contemporary set is an instant party!